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We've set out to be a different kind of FinTech.  We have a global scope.  Our goal is to enable enterprise and government to better serve shareholders, employees, and communities. 

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We've set out to be a different kind of FinTech firm.  We have a global scope.  Our goal is to enable enterprise to better serve shareholders, employees and communities. 



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Banks and credit unions are facing ground-shifting changes in their markets and competitive landscape. They need to adapt to and thrive while being clear on what sets them apart.  

We serve banks, credit unions, and financial advisors by helping them better understand and serve their clients.   

Our unique platform, Stance, introduces strategic capabilities to identify under-served markets, optimize product and service portfolios, improving operating performance, and compete more effectively.  

Stance's unique attributes advance underwriting through loan matching, non-discriminatory and continuous loan qualification.

Our goal: provide ethical financial services providers with new means to better and profitability serve their clients and differentiate their services.

Employee financial stability and satisfaction are not only a good thing on their own merit, they are strategic to business.  They directly impact competitiveness, productivity and profitability.    

We believe that these programs should measurably benefit employee and employer in the short and long-term.  Our financial health platform and framework are designed to do exactly that.   

For the employer, we provide deep insight into the financial health of their workforce, while protecting individual privacy, and tools for the design and management of more effective compensation and benefit plans. We also introduce novel and powerful tools and capabilities to facilitate and improve business performance. They're not at odds.

For the employee, we establish a valuable benefit and provide tools to help them more effectively navigate through their financial lives and make better use of the compensation and benefits you as their employer provide.  

Our goal: substantially and measurably improve employer and employee financial strength.

Vast sums of money are spent by government, private and public organizations to advance individuals and communities.  The results are often disappointing or uncertain.   Which programs are yielding the greatest benefit is unclear. 

If you can't define and measure success, progress is questionable.  Through our platform, Stance, we define and measure it so your organization can maximize its impact.

Stance provides organizations with new tools, metrics, and capabilities to improve the performance of social investment portfolios and individual programs and more effectively identify, engage, and serve those communities and individuals they seek to advance.  It also provides a path to financial sustainability and data-enabled advocacy.

Our goal: provide NGOs and governments with new capabilities to build community economic strength and dignity and measurably and significantly improve the effectiveness and impact of programs, policies, and regulations - Social Return on Investment.

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