Advancing Communities & Economic Equity

Empowering Economic Development

The social fabric of our communities is increasingly rich and complex.  Its residents are diverse with widely ranging needs and demand a great deal from their government and NGOs, who face the daunting task of meeting those needs while ensuring a culturally and economically vibrant society with limited resources.

The Challenge
A vibrant community depends in large measure on the strength of its economy and the participation of its citizenry in that economy. To that end, significant financial resources, human energy and ingenuity are being applied to sustainably improving economic opportunity for people across the socio-economic and educational spectrum. Success of these programs is mixed and often uncertain. A great deal of effort is lost and funds wasted.

Program managers and gov’t officials lack a uniform way to compare, assess, manage and effectively design the programs in which they are investing and on which the individuals they serve rely to achieve a sound financial present and future.

Going Back to Fundamentals
The ultimate objective of social impact and economic development programs is to strengthen the financial capacity and well-being of those it serves, while ensuring the effective use of resources and the organization’s own financial integrity.

To meet this need, Aegis developed Stancesm. Stancesm provides a clear, pragmatic, objective and holistic measure of economic strength. Stance is at once a new macro and micro-economic metric and system that allows the direct and uniform measurement of programs’ impact on an individual, family, community and the society that it serves.

Stancesm enables new and deeper insights into individual and community needs and characteristics that enhance program design, improve operating performance, better target investments and leverage existing capabilities. It is a tool of great value to counselor, economist, program manager government planner, and funding organizations. It is designed for use globally in developed and developing countries.

SI Value Chain-1

At Aegis, our mission is giving individuals, families, communities and their advocates new means to protect and advance their financial and economic interests.  Stancesm is the mechanism to do so.  


The Bigger Picture

Social Return on Investment

Stancesm, is designed to give program managers and funders the means to increase program and social impact portfolio transparency, accountability and performance. In addition to new analytics that enable objective metrics of economic strength, it also introduces Social Return on Investment (SROI) as a direct measure of program and program portfolio performance. The end result, lower overall cost, improved impact, an economically more vibrant community.

Core Applications

Advancing Social Impact & Economic Programs

Stancesm is designed to enable the social and economic impact community with new capabilities to advance their mission, strengthen social Return on Investment, improve operating performance, and, potentially, increasing sustainability: economic transformation. 

We seek to work with CDFIs & Credit Unions, CRA Managers, Community Service Organizations, and Government agencies at local, city, state & federal levels.

Key initiatives and applications of Stancesm are:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Unbanked/Underbanked
  • Access to Capital
    • Non-disciminatory Lending
    • Support for micro, small & mid-size businesses
  • Financial Education & Counseling
  • Research

We'd love to work with you in advancing communities.