• Financial needs market analysis, segmentation, and monitoring
    • Product-Market-Competitive gap analysis​
    • Competitive Scoring - head to head comparison with your competitors
  • Customer lifecycle management and engagement
    • Outreach & retention
    • Client case management​
    • Needs identification and life-time value management
    • Financial viability - based product and loan qualification
    • Product Match Score | Cross/up-sell | Share of wallet  programs
  • Service & operations streamlining 
  • New financial services: employer and consumer
  • CRM optimization
  • Competitive analysis: opportunities & threats
  • Product portfolio design, management and optimization
    • Financial health impact as a product specification​
  • Financial health impact underwriting & service matching
Financial Institutions

We're quite serious about financial services transformation.  Stance is designed to enable a new order of business for our financial services clients. 


It does so by providing our clients with a platform that leverages the strengths of traditional banking with advanced technology-based solutions that engage customers and distinguish your institution from the multitude of competitors it faces, while improving business performance.

Stance introduces new capabilities to analyze and instrument your markets, streamline your product portfolio and operations, and demonstrate new value to your clients.  Its capabilities are both strategic and results-oriented.   Shouldn't it be?


The result: growth, greater customer LTVS (Lifetime Value & Satisfaction) and improved operating performance.  

"The services we need to compete with the large banks," credit union CEO

  • Benefits & compensation design  and optimization
  • Employee financial wellness as a benefit
    • Workforce  financial needs and wellness reporting & planning (privacy protected)
    • Employee financial education and counseling
    • External product, program & services matching 
  • Business performance management & improvement
    • Stance business performance management dashboards​
    • Financial & operational metrics
    • HR Management Dashboards & Metrics
  • Access to capital support

Employee & Employer Financial Wellness

We recognize the value of having a financially stable and secure workforce. We also recognize the need for employers to be financially strong and stable.  We believe that achieving both is necessary to achieve an organization's potential.  Stance enables both.   

We serve employees by providing the tools and education they need to more build financial and economic awareness, make better decisions and navigate more successfully through their economic lives.

We serve employers by giving them ongoing insight into their employees' financial needs, the ability to optimize benefits and compensation to maximize their value to employees, and ROI for the employer.   Stance also extends to assessing the financial and operational performance of the company in equally novel and impactful ways.

The result: measurable and significant improvement in employee financial well-being, benefits and compensation utilization, and greater company performance.

"Employee financial wellness programs have to go beyond feel-good.  They have to be meaningful and produce results for employees and  the employer,"  HR executive: Employee Financial Wellness seminar

  • Community economic needs and financial health status assessment and tracking
  • External factors impacts, intervention & advocacy
  • Community outreach & engagement - lifetime
    • Client lifecycle and case management​
    • Client qualification and services matching
  • Services management & optimization - customer and community lifecycle
    • Affordable housing​
    • Financial & economic education & counseling
    • Micro-loans & access to capital
    • Workforce development
  • Program design, performance management & continuous improvement
    • Social Return on Investment​
    • Funding and sustainable revenue support
  • Program & services matching & portfolio management
Economic Development

Stance economic development solutions provide to economic development managers, field workers the means to more effectively engage with and advance positive economic development outcomes for served communities and individuals for the short and long term.

Deep analytics, innovative and pragmatic outcome metrics provide organizations with new means to assess, track and improve program performance and management.  It also works to facilitate collaboration, transparency and accountability across stakeholders.  This has direct benefit to funders  and organizations seeking funding to maximize or demonstrate social return on investment.

The result: substantially improved program performance, outcomes and oversight and the realization of a stronger economic development eco-system.

"A powerful tool for the financial health of vulnerable populations," Nathaniel Smith,  Partnership for Southern Equity

  • Benefits & compensation design  and optimization
  • Employee financial wellness as a benefit
    • Employee needs and welfare reporting & planning
    • Employee financial education and counseling
    • External product, program & services matching 
  • Tax payer reporting & budget support
Municipalities &  Public Servants

Pubic servants working to maintain a safe and civil society, such as members of armed services, teachers, firemen, EMTs, police, social workers, and staff too often face difficult financial circumstances due to inadequate benefits & compensation, lack of financial awareness, and access to services.  

Stance can make an impact by providing the insight, education and management tools to help public servants and municipalities make more informed decisions to provide economic stability and dignity to our public servants and more effective use of tax-payer dollars.  They're not at odds.  

The result:   economic stability and secure retirement for public servants, a stable and more satisfied workforce for municipalities, and more effective use of taxpayer dollars.


"Stance's advanced capabilities also serve county government and program funders by enabling the baselining, measurement and on-going tracking of the financial health of our firefighters and the impact of compensation & benefits on it  ... tailor benefits ... make more informed decisions ... and demonstrate the effective use of taxpayer dollars ...," Pres., Firefighter's local union.

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