Aegis is actively seeking investors to realize its potential.  Aegis is a for-profit FinTech created to provide financial institutions with new, strategic capabilities to improve top and bottom-line performance through innovation in Financial Health applications.   Our leadership team and Advisory Board bring extensive financial services & industry expertise spanning banking, credit bureaus, and technology.   We've received national and international recognition for Stancesm in its ability to improve access to capital, impact lives, and bring much needed innovation in financial services.  

Our goal is to provide financial institutions with new means to identify and profitably serve consumers and businesses that they are overlooking or underserving.  Improving access to capital is first among them.  The opportunity in the US is large and compelling.  

  • Current loan qualification methods systematically deny 30% of applicants access to the credit they need, with many false negatives.  
  • This creates a substantial upside opportunity for lenders to increase loan portfolio growth & performance with the right tool.  
  • Stance provides lenders with new, strategic capabilities to do so through the evaluation of consumer and business financial health.

We also seek to serve global markets in developed and developing countries - people across the economic, educational, and cultural spectrum - and enable institutions serving them with measurable, sustainable, and significant improvement in operating results.  

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