Aegis is actively seeking investors to realize its potential.  Aegis is a for-profit FinTech and consultancy.   We bring the two together to drive transformation and results for our clients.   Our leadership team has extensive domain and global experience.   Our goal is to serve the mass-market through a B2B2C model and demonstrate benchmark profitability while being socially responsible, measurably improving peoples' lives AND the service and financial performance of our enterprise and government clients.  We don't view them as being at odds, but highly complementary and, essentially, a competitive advantage for our clients.

We seek to serve the global market in developed and developing countries - people across the socio-economic, educational and cultural spectrum and enable institutions serving them with measurable, sustainable and significant operating results. 

Our platform Stancesm, at its most basic level, visualizes (in 3D/interactive format) and quantifies the financial health (a.k.a.: the economic viability & strength) of individuals, households, communities & markets.  It also makes clear the impact of products & services, policies & regulations, and the macro/microeconomic environment on the economic viability of  consumers.  This basic capability has substantial implications for enterprise (for & non-profit) and government who form substantial markets for us. 

Stancesm introduces strategic capabilities for our enterprise clients to improve market and operating performance, but we always remain true to the ultimate beneficiary: the consumer.  Stancesm also introduces new capabilities for non-profits and government to ensure the highest social ROI for social impact and economic development dollars.

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