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Financial Institutions

Financial Transformation

Enabling market-led, operationally strong institutions

We're quite serious about financial services transformation.  Traditional financial institutions face tremendous competitive and market pressures.   Institutions not only need to adapt to evolving markets, there is also the need and opportunity to significantly improve operating performance and distinguish their services. 

Business as usual isn't a path to success.  

Stancesm is designed to enable a new order of business for our financial services clients.

It does so by providing our clients with a platform that leverages the strengths of traditional banking with advanced technology-based solutions that engage customers and distinguish your institution from the multitude of competitors it faces, while improving business performance.

Stancesm introduces new capabilities to analyze and instrument your markets, streamline your product portfolio and operations, and demonstrate new value to your clients. Its capabilities are both strategic and results-oriented. Shouldn't it be?

The result: growth, greater customer LTVS (Lifetime Value & Satisfaction) and improved operating performance.

Aligning Customer with Institutional Lifetime Value

It's about aligning with your markets

Financial Transformation begins with a clear view of your clients needs and serving them better than your competitors.

Stancesm is based on the radical idea that banks offering services that best fit their clients’ needs win. Well, that’s part of it. Customers have to also easily recognize that it really is the case.

Stancesm works to increase the lifetime value of the bank to the individual and that of the individual to the bank. It does so by defining, measuring and applying financial health to better identify and serve your customers’ needs while creating new capabilities for you to improve competitiveness and your bottom line.

Aegis is a bank-friendly FinTech with the product, expertise and capabilities to put banks back in the driver’s seat. Our product Stancesm is a 3D, interactive financial health product that connects people with their finances in ways that change behavior and strengthens the relationship with their trusted financial provider — driving bank traffic, increasing share of wallet, strengthening operating performance and creating a strategic differentiator for our banking clients.

Stancesm introduces new capabilities and perspectives on market needs that are strategically significant and sustainable for our banking partners and that creates competitive advantage and financial strength. Financial health becomes a powerful new means to understand and engage customers and markets, optimize your service portfolio, streamline operations and improve performance.

Stancesm builds on banks’ current capabilities and expertise to maximize investment and capabilities to optimize its services.

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Services & Capabilities Enabling Transformation


  • Financial needs market analysis, segmentation, and monitoring
    • Product-Market-Competitive gap analysis​
    • Competitive Scoring - head to head comparison with your competitors
  • Customer lifecycle management and engagement
    • Outreach & retention​
    • Client case management​
    • Needs identification and life-time value management
    • Financial viability - based product and loan qualification
    • Product Match Score | Cross/up-sell | Share of wallet programs
  • Service & operations streamlining
  • New financial services: employer and consumer
  • Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) optimization
  • Competitive analysis: opportunities & threats
  • Product portfolio design, management and optimization
    • Financial health impact as a product specification​
  • Financial health impact underwriting & service matching