Employee & Employer Financial Wellness

"Employee financial wellness programs have to go beyond feel-good.  They have to be meaningful and produce results for employees and  the employer," 
HR executive: Employee Financial Wellness seminar

Productivity Through Prosperity

We recognize the value of having a financially stable and secure workforce. We also recognize the need for employers to be financially strong and stable.  We believe that achieving both is necessary to achieve an organization's potential.  Our platform, Stancesm, enables both.   

We serve employees by providing the tools and education they need to more build financial and economic awareness, make better decisions and navigate more successfully through their economic lives.

We serve employers by giving them ongoing insight into their employees' financial needs, the ability to optimize benefits and compensation to maximize their value to employees, and ROI for the employer.  Stancesm also extends to assessing the financial and operational performance of the company in equally novel and impactful ways.

The result: measurable and significant improvement in employee financial well-being, benefits and compensation utilization, and greater company performance.


  • Benefits & compensation design  and optimization
  • Employee financial wellness as a benefit
    • Workforce  financial needs and wellness reporting & planning (privacy protected)
    • Employee financial education and counseling
    • External product, program & services matching 
  • Business performance management & improvement
    • Stance business performance management dashboards​
    • Financial & operational metrics
    • HR Management Dashboards & Metrics
  • Access to capital support