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Stancesm: an advanced financial & economic transformation platform

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What’s Inside?

At the core of transformation is the need to understand what you're transforming for and to. In our view, business and society can both be served by a fresh look at the questions this poses.

Our goal is to play an active part in helping individuals, communities and ethical businesses prosper.

The BIG assumption, and what we're committed to demonstrating, is that businesses can prosper and governments can be more successful by helping communities prosper. The BUT is that they all need to have a common view of the goal and a measure of what defines success. That's what's lacking. That's where Stancesm comes in.

We play our part by giving individuals the knowledge and tools to make better decisions, be more aware, and navigate more smartly through the economic landscape they inhabit; by giving businesses tools to better understand and serve market needs and operate at a higher level of performance; by giving NGOs and government tools to improve the formulation, delivery and outcomes of the economic development programs they create for the communities they serve.

Wow, that's a mouthful and, no, we're not trying to boil the ocean or solve world hunger. The thing is is that there's a continuous thread and strong dependencies linking consumer, enterprise and government that we leverage - in one platform.

Stancesm was developed in response to this basic need. It defines and measures outcomes meaningful and pragmatic for enterprise, government, and the communities and individuals they serve - in a common language that facilitates transparency and accountability - oh no!

Stancesm starts with a robust, holistic measure and 3D/interactive visualization of the financial health of individuals, households, markets and communities … almost any aggregation of people. It serves a fundamental need not being addressed by current products - globally.

Stancesm captures and scores the impact of products and services, policies and regulations as well as macro and microeconomic factors on the financial health and economic viability of diverse populations - in a form that individuals across the socio-economic, ethnic and educational spectrum can readily understand and apply.

Stancesm also introduces powerful new capabilities for ethical enterprise and government to operate more efficiently and serve more effectively.

Stancesm's unique metrics, analytical tools, and intelligence help diverse organizations fulfill their missions and achieve their objectives ... measurably.

Again, we're not trying to boil the ocean. We're taking a different approach to solving a complex problem. Sometimes, its just going back to and being clear on fundamentals.

Stancesm's innovation is in its approach to addressing complex problems limiting business and society. We're clear on fundamentals and we're results-driven. To learn more, send us a note.