About our Company

We're driven by practical innovation to solve long-standing challenges

Our perspective

At aegis, we don’t believe personal finances should be a big mystery. We do believe in financial health and the potential it has for financial institutions, the services they provide, and their performance in serving consumers and businesses.  We created Aegis to help our clients realize that potential.   

Global demand for financial services and access to capital has never been greater; yet, large markets remain underserved, unrecognized, and undervalued.  Banks and credit unions continue to compete on the edges as they struggle to establish meaningful differentiators that improve top and bottom-line performance.  

Our core product, Stancesm defines, scores and visualizes financial health through a novel, interactive, 3D representation that builds financial awareness and competence in the individual and establishes new, strategic capabilities for financial institutions to set themselves apart: maximizing the lifetime value to customers to maximize customers' lifetime value to the institution.  They are not at odds.  Stancesm is designed to create competitive advantage while measurably improving peoples' lives and business performance.  

We're not a "me too" company. We're bringing a solution to drive substantial gains for our clients based on solid business fundamentals.   We have the experience, expertise, and innovation to do so.

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