Enabling Community Banks & Credit Unions to Serve Non-traditional Customers

We believe helping people thrive is a competitive advantage

Interested in growing your market and profitability?

There is large, unmet demand for financial services that households & businesses need to prosper.

Current banking tools and loan qualification methods often exclude viable customers and large markets … denying households and businesses access to the financial products & services they need to get ahead.

The result: $147B/year left to profiteers instead of building community wealth and a vibrant banking community.

This presents a large opportunity for responsible community-oriented financial institutions to serve this demand, enabling thriving communities, and improving top and bottom-line performance.

Aegis and its financial health platform, StanceSM, were created to provide responsible institutions with new, strategic capabilities to identify, compete for, and profitably serve non-traditional and emerging markets. We are committed to the principles of conscious capitalism and equitable society.

Stance is the solution we need to compete with the larger banks. mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, CEO
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Changing transactions to engagement

StanceSM is designed to enhance account growth & profitability by improving service levels and value to customers/members and, therefore, to shareholders.

 Stancesm’s non-discriminatory loan qualification attributes, case management, and market intelligence capabilities present new, strategic applications to strengthen institutional service and financial performance to improve competitiveness and customer outcomes.

Our Practice & Service Areas

Creating new capabilities for our clients

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Transformation through Engagement

The ability to effectively serve and engage individuals and communities creates substantial and strategic capabilities for enterprise and governments.  This is the starting point for creating market-led and operationally strong organizations, enabling service innovation and streamlining operations. 

Transformation without measurable  and sustainable results isn't transformation. The capabilities Aegis introduces is about producing those results for our clients.  With that comes new market and business intelligence capabilities that create competitive advantage and the means to stay pro-actively aligned with your market's needs.

Financial Services Transformation

Creating market-led, operationally strong organizations.

Banks and credit unions are facing ground-shifting changes in their markets and competitive landscape.  We're bullish on community banking and were conceived to serve it.   

Our unique platform, Stancesm, introduces strategic capabilities to identify under-served markets, optimize product and service portfolios to improve operating performance, growth and competitiveness.   No need to compete on the edges or follow the leader.  A 360°  view of the customer is no longer an abstract possibility.  It's a competitive advantage.

"Stancesm is the solution we need to compete with the larger banks," CEO mid-Atlantic FCU

Aegis also introduces bizStancesm which gives micro, small & business new tools to improve operating performance and financial institutions new insights and  means to serve them - facilitating access to capital, life of loan management, and innovative SMB banking services..

Employee & Employer Financial Wellness

Productivity through prosperity. 

While working to improve the financial well-being of employees, we recognize the equally important need to strengthen the financial performance of the employer - they are complementary.  

Our platform, Stancesm, serves both by helping employees navigate more effectively through their financial lives and more effectively use benefits, while providing employers with the tools to create more cost-effective benefits, increase employee retention & loyalty and improve benefits ROI.

Stancesm also enables innovation in banking services. Our bizStancesm solution gives micro, small & business new tools to improve operating performance and financial institutions new means to serve them.

Social Impact through Financial Transformation

Advancing communities and Social ROI.  

We provide CDFIs, NGOs, and governments with new capabilities to build community economic strength, measurably and significantly improve the effectiveness and impact of programs, policies, and regulations - new capabilities to advance critical social impact initiatives:

Access to Capital • Affordable Housing • Underbanked • Economic Inequity

Our platform, Stancesm, brings novel and compelling business intelligence and service capabilities to analyze, advocate and grow your organization to serve more people, more effectively.  The scale of the social and economic challenges we face demands it.  

"A powerful assessment tool for the financial health of vulnerable populations," Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity



Enterprise Performance Management & Troubleshooting

Maximizing the value of change

Many organizations struggle with change or achieving important objectives resulting in costly delays and lost opportunity.  We're highly experienced moving organizations forward - clear in objectives and results.

Our work spans the organization bridging and integrating silos spanning strategy, sales/marketing, product, operations  & systems: people, process & technology. 


The basic problem

Going back to fundamentals

How can you solve a problem that you can't clearly define and measure?  If you use a poor definition or measure, should you be surprised in less than optimal results?

The problem is compounded by the complexity of managing finances in a complex and ever-changing economic landscape.  No wonder people, let alone, businesses and governments struggle with it.

Stancesm was conceived to help consumers, enterprise and government manage this complexity ... to make sense of it, to use it to achieve better and more sustainable results.

Something Powerful

What is Stance?

Stancesm visualizes and quantifies the financial health (or economic viability) of an individual, household or market ... almost any social grouping.  It visualizes and quantifies the impact of products & services, policies & regulations as well as macro & microeconomic factors. 

Stancesm is adaptive, dynamic and responsive -  giving individuals new means to navigate through their financial lives while also enabling responsible enterprise and government with strategic capabilities to serve them more effectively and operate more efficiently.

Stance Balance - Stacked(sm)

It's the results that matter

It's About Results

We created Stancesm to drive improved outcomes, to give people and responsible organizations serving them, a new-found clarity and ability to achieve and maintain better better financial and economic outcomes: the increasing financial viability and strength of individuals and communities.   We believe that businesses and organizations that help communities thrive, will themselves thrive.

Sectors Served

The Path To Stronger Results

Financial Institutions

We serve banks, credit unions, CDFIs, and financial advisors by helping them better understand and serve their clients.

Our unique platform, StanceSM, introduces strategic capabilities to identify underserved markets, optimize product & service portfolios, and improve operating performance and compete more effectively.

Our goal: provide ethical financial services providers with new strategic capabilities to better and more profitability serve their clients and differentiate their services.

Service Areas

  • Business & Financial Transformation
  • Underwriting/Loan Qualification
  • Customer Engagement & Lifetime Value
  • Case Management
  • Customer-Market-Product Alignment
  • Product/Service Innovation

Small & Mid-size Businesses

SMBs face big business challenges and opportunities at all stages of development across industries. ​

We believe in the potential and value of SMBs and have the expertise and unique tools to help SMBs overcome challenges and reach their potential.​

Our goal: increase SMB business performance through operational excellence, access to capital, and increased competitiveness.

Service Areas

  • Employer & Employee Financial Wellness
  • Business Transformation & Operational Excellence
  • Business Performance Management
  • Access to Capital

Government & Non-Profits

We serve government at all levels, non-profits and funders by providing advanced tools to understand community economic makeup and needs and the effectiveness and impact of policies & regulations, and economic development programs.

The inability to holistically, rigorously and objectively measure community financial health, social return on investment and what is serving or undermining it, limits the ability of serving organizations to serve communities.

StanceSM provides this capability.

Service Areas

  • Service Impact Evaluation & Transformation
  • Financial Education Program Enhancement & Case Management 
  • Program & Portfolio Performance Management - Social Return on Investment
  • Affordable Housing Support - non-discriminatory lending
  • Under/Un-banked Initiatives
  • Community financial health baselining and active monitoring
  • Advanced financial health metrics, analytics & dashboards

What They're Saying

The Stance product is a cutting edge way to get the financial sector and its customers focused on financial health. They've created a very sophisticated tool that takes into account a huge amount of data and diverse information to gauge where people are at in their financial health journey and how they can continue to move forward. Measuring financial health is the future of banking. Director, Center for Financial Services Innovation
When looking at the whole financial picture of our clients, we notice the gap between what they considered good financial habits and what good financial habits truly are. With the help of Stancesm, we’re able to look well beyond the credit score (which doesn't tell the whole tale) and are able to diagnose lack of savings or monthly mismanagement of obligations, which causes stress and use of wealth-stripping products. Stancesm is a game changer in the way we analyze clients financial situations and promote change in behavior moving forward. Outstanding product! Director, ClearPoint Financial Counseling
“A powerful assessment tool for the financial health of vulnerable populations.” Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity